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Let's get red & yellow ready!

We're rolling through our renewals and preparations for the season ahead with some new faces on the committee following our AGM last month. We'll introduce them to you soon!

Here's some updates from the committee. We have:

• Signed a new lifesaving agreement, which includes a slight change in patrol hours.

• Renewed our shared agreement with the Australian UAV Service.

• Upgraded the powercraft maintenance area under the clubhouse.

• Acquired a BBQ trailer thanks to Narooma Lions Club.

• Installed a Surfline camera on the clubhouse roof. You can check the surf live online!

Lifesaving & Membership

Members new and returning, let’s get pumped for another big season on the beach.

Patrolling members - It’s time to sign up and suss your calendars, lodge any unavailabilities with Club Captain Claudia who will begin the roster this month. Our first weekend of patrols start November.

Big news! We have new patrol hours this season. What this means? Our 4-hour patrols, we'll begin and pack up an hour later than we’re used to (11am – 3pm). Our 8-hour patrols remain the same (9am-5pm), beginning the weekend of 16th December and finishing the last weekend of January.

The time change is due to higher numbers of people on the beach in the afternoons (according to patrol app statistics). If we want to change our lifesaving agreement in future, we need to make sure we fill out the day’s numbers in our patrol operations app as accurately as possible.

It's time to sign up!

The first 20 patrolling members to sign up or renew their membership will receive a free surf lifesaving hat! (Choose a straw hat or truckers cap).

Any questions? Contact Claudia Ferguson


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