You don't have to be 6 foot tall to be a surf lifesaver...

If you love going to the beach, why not become a Junior Lifesaver. You'll have even more fun - you'll meet new friends and learn the skills that will start you on your way to a lifetime of development, mateship and fun.



Cadets (ages 13-15)

You can join Surf Life Saving as a Junior Lifesaver and have a great time mixing with teenagers of your own age. You'll have loads of fun while you learn valuable skills that will start you on your way to an exciting career, whether it be in emergency services, defence force or community service. In fact, Surf Life Saving skills and qualifications are well respected by many employers.


You begin by gaining your Surf Rescue Certificate as well as participating in personal development programs. This enables you to work as a member of a team of lifesavers on the beach. As well as being able to spend time on the beach, you will have the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

Active Junior Lifesavers (ages 15-17)

If you are aged 15 to 17, you can join Surf Life Saving as an Active Junior. You can be involved in all areas of Surf Life Saving, even patrol duties. 


Once you are involved, you will gain your Bronze Medallion. When you are able to swim 400m in a pool in 9 minutes or less, you will be taught skills that will enable you to become a patrolling lifesaver on the beach. 


You can also advance to gain other skills such as advanced resuscitation, first aid and operating the inflatable rescue boats. Opportunities may also present themselves for paid employment as a Lifeguard. 


Active Senior Lifesavers

You can come up through the junior ranks to become an active surf lifesaver, or you can join as an adult aged 18 or over. Either way we will accommodate you.We can include you in the next available training for the Bronze Medallion, which enables you to become a patrolling member on the beach. 



Surf Lifesaving provides you with a multitude of skills and knowledge that will help you in everyday life. Not only are you a part of Australia’s largest volunteer family, but you are making friends and learning skills that will be with you for life. 



You can make a difference to the lives of others as well as your own.

Get your Surf Rescue Certificate!

The SRC provides members with skills and knowledge related to surf awareness, aquatic rescue operations, communication systems and equipment and resuscitation. It is recommended for members who wish to perform in the role of SLS water safety personnel or take on a lifesaving cadetship and join a lifesaving patrol.

  • Participants must be a minimum of 13 years of age on the date of final assessment.

  • Participants must have completed a minimum of 200m swim in five minutes or less, in a swimming pool of not less than 25 metres or over a measured open water course before any training starts in the surf and/or deep water. 


The course will be a mix of online theory and face to face training on Sunday mornings during Nippers. All enquiries to Ben Bate.

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