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October Update: Are you ready?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

October flew past didn't it! Who's ready for an action-packed November?

We've got 50 Nippers signed up and ready to hit the beach, our flags will go up and there's a fun community event for lifesavers and kids if you're keen to come along.

A big welcome to 20 new members and their families who signed up this month. Strap in for a fun and exciting Summer!

We will continue to roll out club happenings via email, Facebook and our website. Feel free to share this club news with your friends and encourage them to join your Narooma surf club family!

Nippers, meet Adam!

We’ve got a new coordinator this season – meet Adam Walsh. He is a Dad who’s super sporty and excited to see the Nippers program grow.

All the way from a small country town named Harden, Adam and Erin moved to the coast with their three kids and they love it!

They knew how important it was to get their kids confident in the surf, so Nippers was a must! Sure enough, their kids fell in love with it – Adam and Erin did too! They both did their bronze and signed up for patrols, with their kids aspiring to do the same one day.

Something Adam realised when coming to the club was: “Nippers isn’t just about competition, it’s about inspiring the future lifesavers of the club.”

He wants to make sure all Nippers have the life skills and confidence they need to become lifesavers and simply know how be safe on the beach.

Don’t be shy, make sure you say G’day to the Walsh family. Being their second year at the club, they’re on a mission to get to know everyone. And we thank Adam for stepping up into the role, what a legend!

It's awesome having parents involved and socialising whether that’s by setting up a beach event, cooking the barbie or even training to get their bronze! It’s not as hard as you think, we promise! Let Adam know if you want to be a Super Parent and help out more this season. Have you considered becoming an age manager?

Important dates:

  • Nippers starts Sunday 5th November, 10am-11:30am

  • Living on the Coast producer filming an episode at Nippers on Sunday 12th November.

  • First Nippers carnival is at Tathra on Sunday 10th December.

Missed the pool swim and proficiency? Please email Adam to organise an alternative date. It is compulsory for all Nippers to complete their swim proficiency before attending Sunday Nippers.


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