Narooma Nippers

Junior Nippers (ages 5 -13)


Every year as a Junior Lifesaver, you'll work towards improving your surf skills, You'll learn about surf safetyboard paddling, basic first aid and basic rescue techniques. You'll also enjoy plenty of great beach activities and the chance to compete in inter-club competition with your mates. While knowing how to swim is not compulsory, it is an advantage. Encouragement and support is given to youngsters prepared to learn to swim.

FAQ Guide for New Families


A child may join the club as soon as he/she turns 5 years of age, but not before.

Age Group = Age as at midnight 30 September 2022

Junior age groups are from Under 6 - Under 14. Under 15 and above are considered ‘seniors’. Our Cadets (15 -17 yrs) are mentored as Junior Lifesavers on patrol and give back to Nippers by helping our with our Juniors. 


We are all volunteers! The club operates entirely on volunteer help. There are many jobs, most of which do not require lifesaving experience. The more you are involved, the more your child will enjoy Nippers.

Parents and Guardians are REQUIRED to be at the beach at all times. Your child remains your responsibility. Medication, trips to the toilet and the individual general welfare of each child is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Nippers is NOT a child minding program.

Are you able to help? That’s great!

For ALL helpers who work on the beach with the children:

1. Each person must be a current financial member (insurance coverage)
2. Each person must have completed a Working with Children Check. 


• Sunscreen!!

• Nippers red, white & black cap
• Hi-visibilty pink vest

• Swimmers (club colours available but not essential)

• Bring a water bottle & towel with your name on it - put this in your age managers bucket so handy at all times. 


Fleur Constable is our Club Clothing Coordinator. Club clothing will be available to purchase most Sundays during Nippers - downstairs in the clubhouse.

The swimwear is chlorine resistant and has had great feedback for its durability.

Besides the essentials, there are a range of additional items like towels and caps that might be of interest. New this season are long sleeve black rash vests. Visit our merchandise page. 



Compulsory For U8 - U14's

Nothing to be nervous about. Most age groups are untimed. This day is an evaluation to ensure we are aware of your child's abilities in a safe, flat water environment - before we hit the beach. You will have to pay entry to the pool, unless you have a season pass. Bring your towel & goggles. Locate your age group over by the tiered seating when you arrive. 



Usually an 8am roll call. A program will be available with the schedule of events closer to the date.

Competition is optional but we encourage all our proficient Nippers from U8 - U14's to use the skills they have learnt on our beach and have some fun with other kids on the far south coast. No pressure, you can enter as many events in your division as you like.

U6 & 7's have a week off but are most welcome to come along to the carnival to cheer on Team Narooma. 


Our aim is to educate and develop surf lifesaving skills in our Nippers in a fun, safe environment.

Two of the key features of surf life saving include: The development of leadership and teamwork skills... within a context of community service and enjoyment. 



9:00am Preparation & Beach Setup

9:40am Nippers Personnel Briefing - Age Managers, Water Safety and all Activity Assistants.

9:50am Nippers to sit behind relevant age group flag in roll call area - on the sand in front of the grass slope. Age Manager marks attendance on sign-on sheet.

10:00am Nippers go to designated activity areas as
per Age Run Sheet. Nippers rotate through different activities either on the beach or in the water.

11:00am Start preparing the barbeque.
Nippers activities continue.


12:00noon Activities Finish - Nippers to be signed out from attendance sheet. Everyone Help to Pack Up Boards to Shed, hosed off and put away. All equipment, tents, markers, flags, tubes etc.

BBQ available upstairs. 



Nippers begins on Sundays at 10am. Get there early so we can do our best to start on time.  

Check the facebook page for updates. Register for our e-newsletter on the 'News' page. 


Should there be an emergency in the water, the alarm will sound.

Everyone is to leave the water. All Nippers to assemble at roll call point and remain with their age managers.


Only persons on the beach/in the water: water safety personnel, parents of the child.

No one is to leave the beach until emergency is resolved. 



$60 per member

$150 per family of 3

$30 per each additional family member

eg 2 adults, 2 kids = $180


We encourage all family members to sign up for insurance purposes. Become an Associate or Social member!

* All Nippers helpers must be registered members and have completed their Working with Children Check.

For more information on membership go to the Membership page.

Child Protection_Home Page.png



Reporting serious concerns helps us

to better protect children.

To make a report just follow the simple steps.

Member Protection: Working with Children

Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC), as organisations that involve children, should have a strong interest in keeping children safe. As such Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) has developed a number of procedures and resources which complement the Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Member Protection Policy.


This season, all Bronze members and Nipper Helpers are to complete a NSW govt 'Working with Children Check'. If you haven't already done so, click the link and follow the prompts. You will need to visit a RMS (RTA) office to formally identify yourself. You will then be emailed a WWC number, please forward it to our super efficient Registrar Sue-Anne Newton so we can complete our side of the paperwork. 


This WWC number can be used for other organisations (you might already have one for work purposes) and lasts for 5 years.



Member Protection Information Officer

Carla Durnan



2020/21 - Mikayla Homan
2019/20 - Sara James

2018/19 - Jorge Constable
2017/18 - Halle Constable
2016/17 - Sam Perry
2015/16 - Elli Beecham
2014/15 - Angus Patmore
2013/14 - Cyann Vlatkovic
2012/13 - Charlie Stokes
2011/12 - Aiden Miles
2010/11 - Georgia MacDonald
2009/10 - Riley Miles
2008/09 - Ally MacDonald
2007/08 - Ally MacDonald
2006/07 - Jack Knipler
2005/06 - Tathra Daley


Yes! We are an approved Active Kids provider!