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Awards Training Schedule and Courses

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

13+ years on the date of the assessment

We will provide detail of SRC training soon. Send in your Expression of Interest to Ben.

Bronze Medallion Course

15+ years on the date of the assessment


We will provide detail of the next Bronze Medallion Course soon. Send in your Expression of Interest to Ben.

Actions to take

  1. Renew (or join) and pay your membership on

  2. Book into the Bronze course. You can access this via the e-learning tab in the SLSA members area. You can also get to this page via LSV Members Training from Anywhere

  3. Once booked in you can access your online course content. Specific parts of this must be completed before you can participate in the practical sessions.

  4. Once booked into the course you will receive an email with further information and instructions

Blended Learning 


To reduce the face to face training hours we have chosen to deliver this course using a blended delivery model, meaning you will be required to complete the theory online via videos, activities and quizzes. We will then recap the theory during the practical sessions and complete the practical activities. This reduces the face to face course time by about 10 hours. There will be support provided by our trainers if any candidate is experiencing difficulty with the online learning.


Dates and Times



Bronze Medallion

Minimum course time is 24 hours of face to face learning, plus the online content. We have included an option of two assessment dates to work around your calendars.

Advance Resuscitation Technique (ART) Award 

With the option of adding an extra 3 hours to the course you can to obtain an ART award. There is a lot of cross over with the award content, so we can double up on the learning.


What if I can't make a session?
We will work with you to find a time that suits us both to complete the learning. The minimum times are quite strict now.

What if I'm having trouble throughout the process?

Contact our Training Instructor Ben via email

Skills Maintenance (Requals)

Skills maintenance or ‘Requals” are necessary to:

  • ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities

  • maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of lifesavers

  • Satisfy legal and statutory requirements

  • Reinforce and maintain our service commitment to patrolling Main Beach

All members who wish to undertake patrol duties or compete in competitions at a State or National level are required to undertake annual skills maintenance activities to maintain proficiency.


NB. Any member completing their proficiency after 31 December shall not be permitted to participate in any SLSA Championship competition until the 1 July in that year (Refer SLSA Policy 5.4). 


Skills maintenance includes practical assessment activities and (for some awards) an online theory component.

Skills Maintenance FAQs

How do I book for a course?

Go to the Member Training Portal log in and register for the applicable course. NB: You MUST be a current member, or you will not be covered by insurance or be able to register.

Can I do a course at another club?

Yes. Go to the Member Training Portal If there is training that is available and open to other club members you will be able to register.

Is there a cost?

Yes, in most cases there will be a fee to cover the cost of materials and/or trainers.


Lifesaving Qualifications


There are a number of lifesaving qualifications that you may be interested in gaining.

Aquatic Rescue Awards

  • Surf Rescue Certificate 

  • Bronze Medallion 

  • Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue (SMAR) 

  • Gold Medallion (Advanced Lifesaving) 

Emergency Care Awards

  • Resuscitation Certificate 

  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate/ Advanced Resuscitation Techniques [AID] 

  • Spinal Management Certificate 

  • Pain Management Certificate 

  • Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid

Powercraft Awards  

  • IRB Crew Certificate 

  • Silver Medallion IRB Driver 

  • Specialist Powercraft Awards (JRB/ORB) and RWC Operator 

  • Side-by-Side Vehicle (SSV) Operator Awards 


Beach Management and Radio Awards 

  • Silver Medallion Beach Management 

  • Radio Operators Certificate 


Training and Assessing Awards 

  • Training Officer 

  • Assessor 

  • Facilitator 


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